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The Honeywell Wifi Thermostat App – Total Connect 2.0

What is Honeywell Total Connect?

Honeywell total connect is an interactive platform that is used for home security systems. The platform, total connect can be used to disarm and activate systems as well as control Z-Wave devices in your home. Z-Wave devices and thermostats can be turned on and controlled through the Total connect service. Total connect is a multipurpose app for a variety of Z-wave devices and home security systems.


The Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat is compatible with the Total Connect 2.0 and any z-wave thermostat that you have integrated with your system. Any system that has been activated before the installation of the Total Connect 2.0 will be able to be interacted through Total Connect 2.0 once it is installed.

Difference Between Wi-FI and Total Connect 2.0:

There is a significant difference though between z-wave thermostats and Wi-Fi thermostats. One difference is that some thermostats have more control in the Total Connect 2.0 system. Due to the difference in control, you will be able to program the settings and rules through a phone application whereas with Wi-Fi thermostats you won’t have that specific function. With Wi-Fi thermostats you will be connected through different connectivity lines then the integration in Total Connect 2.0 or any Honeywell home thermostats have.

Honeywell’s Total Connect comfort thermostats will require the usage of the TCC application to will allow a red linked thermostat to be converted from an older thermostat into a Wi-FI thermostat. This will allow the module through Total Connect 2.0 instantly.

All the Wi-Fi thermostats will not allow the option of connecting thorough the Total connect 2.0. Instead, there will only be ab option to manually adjust the settings.

With the z-wave thermostat you will have more functionality and purpose with the rules that can be programmed into the system. There is also the option to program specific system settings such as temperature to a specific level so it automatically triggers the unit to cool or heat the house at this setting.

The downside with a z-wave thermostat is that the range for it to connect to the unit of the household is weaker than a Wi-Fi connected thermostat. It is not necessary to need a z-wave controller to have the integration of the units in your household. If you have a Wi-Fi thermostat integration can prove to be more difficult where on Total Connect 2.0 it is easier to add automation under your account.

When you load up the application required to access the information, the Total Kinect 2.0 app, you will login to your account which should be very easy to process.

After that is done, you will tab out of the automated option and then look to the upper right corner where there is a button to click on. This will take you directly to the Honeywell home of your in home connection to your Total Connect comfort thermostat. Then, as soon as you select the home button you will click on a button that allows you to enter your personal login credentials for your account. Doing this will integrate the thermostat into your Total Connect 2.0 application.

Other Honeywell Thermostats:

If you go to the honeywell website there are an arrangement other Wi-FI thermostats that are compatible with the Honeywell Total Connect 2.0. One of these thermostats is called the lyric round Wi-fi thermostat. One of the benefits with this model is that if you a lyric system, the integration is built in a way that is much nicer that other system’s controls. The lytic model looks very clean and well-put together. The LED light-ups are unique to some other models and the function of turning the temperature up or down has good-quality lighting effects.

When buying this model make sure to buy one of the newer models available as it will give more functionality as far as fine tuning with geofencing and other specific features. Besides it looking nicer than some models that are out on the market right now, it also has a wave function that differentiates it from other models.

One major difference is that the z-wave version works on battery. The good thing about that is that battery does not require dedicated power from the actually source. This option of the model is great for older homes that do not run on dedicated power from the HVAC equipment that newer homes have. Newer home models have wiring that will allow you to update easier and with newer thermostat models. The benefit of this is that newer models have nice features and run on a common power source.

Something to keep in mind with power sources and connecting a new thermostat is that some systems do not have a z-wave controller that allow you to integrate your system to run and be accessed through the Total Connect 2.0 application that can be accessed on your phone.

If the home is a newer home, the z-wave thermostat is a great model for those you want to integrate with newer technology that includes both Apple and Google databases and A.I.

The connectivity and range to connect to your Wi-Fi with these fancier features will require greater than 25 to 50 foot radius in range. If the Wi-Fi range is limited, there will have to be a closer range between the modem and the thermostat.

Most newer modems have longer range signals for connectivity. There are plenty of thermostats out there that can be used with the Total Connect 2.0. These are just a few tips, hints, suggestions, and models recommendations that you can use with the Total Connection 2.0

Some of the new features for Total Connect 2.0 are:

  • 5-day forecast
  • News information
  • Messages
  • Security module interface
  • Notifications module
  • Slide show feature
  • Automation Module.

The use of the Total Connect 2.0 can be confusing, especially to a new user. To find more information about Total Connect 2.0 you can refer to the user guide which can be found here; Total Connect 2.0 Guide

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