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The Best Thermostat for Your Home 2017: Emerson Sensi vs Nest

The best Thermostats Sensi vs Nest

Before we even begin to compare the Emerson Sensi vs Nest, if you have a higher budget, the Nest is the best choice. These two thermostats are the best wifi thermostats in their respective categories, but the Nest is so much more advanced than the Sensi that it’s not a fair comparison.

But, the Sensi is far more affordable and does offer scheduling.

So, both definitely serve a major purpose in the industry and will have no issues with helping you maintain your home’s temperature perfectly. What do these models have to offer?

Emerson Sensi

whiterodgers emerson sensi wifi thermsotat

The Emerson Sensi is a sleek looking thermostat that is efficient and allows you to save money on your energy bills. When controlling Sensi, you can use the interface, but full control comes from your smartphone or tablet.

Hooking the Sensi up to Wi-Fi allows you to monitor your home’s heating and cooling from anywhere you please.

You can even change temperatures remotely to ensure your home’s the perfect temperature when you come home. The custom settings are really what allow the Sensi to be such a powerful thermostat, and they include:

  • 7-day programmability
  • Refined schedules

Scheduling can be done on a day-by-day basis. If you work odd hours or you’re not home on certain days of the week, you can schedule Sensi to change temperatures for you on its own. If you notice that there has been a spike in temperature while you’re away, simply connect to the app and make adjustments as you see fit.

Programmable thermostats pay for themselves, saving owners $180 a year on average in energy costs.

With 1 degree accuracy, your home’s temperature will be perfect all year long, allowing you to come back to a comfortable home. Sensi reviews are outstanding, with this thermostat being an Amazon best seller.

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Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat – 2nd Generation T200577

The Nest costs almost twice the price of the Sensi, but it is a very powerful learning thermostat. Considered the best learning thermostat in the world, the 2nd generation Nest is all about power. It boasts a unique circular look with a colorful display that illuminates blue when the cooling cycle is on and orange when the heating cycle engages.

Auto-schedule is the power behind Nest, as the thermostat learns your heating and cooling habits.

After about a week, Nest will know your habits and adjust your temperature settings all by itself. You do have a remote control via an app that allows you to adjust your Nest using a Wi-Fi connection.

A few of the many advanced features included are:

  • Auto-away: Sensors alert the thermostat when you’re away and will adjust the home’s temperature accordingly.
  • Energy Savings: The Nest Leaf will tell you when you’re making smart energy choices.
    The in-depth energy history allows you to see your energy habits over a 10 day period, so you can adjust your heating habits to save money.
  • Airwave: A unique feature that adjusts temperatures based on humidity.

Nest is beautiful and powerful while also being easy to install. You’ll be hard-pressed to find negative Nest reviews, and all users praise Nest’s ability to learn user habits with ease.

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Emerson Sensi vs Nest

Sensi offers scheduling and affordability, but it lacks in the learning department. This thermostat won’t learn your habits and doesn’t come with the advanced energy usage reports that Nest provides.

The Sensi can save you money, but you have to take a hands-on approach at all times.

Nest is simply brilliant. Known as the best learning thermostat in the world, the Nest’s true power is that it will learn your habits and works without much interaction beyond the first week. You don’t need to sit down and make lengthy schedule adjustments, and the Nest will know when you’re not home and adjust accordingly.


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