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The Best Home Thermostat Won’t Help You With These 3 Big Mistakes 2017

You’ve purchased the best home thermostat, but you’re still making some of the biggest mistakes that cost you money. If you have a digital thermostat, you need to know how to better use your thermostat to help save you money.

The best thermostat for home use is undoubtedly a WiFi home thermostat. But you may still be wasting money. How?

1.     Rapid Heating or Cooling

Temperature changes happen rapidly, and many homeowners try to circumvent this by turning their thermostat to drastic levels. Perhaps you like your home to be a comfortable 75° when you walk through the door, but it’s currently at 80°. In an effort to cool down your home faster, you’ll set your temperature to 70° so that it cools down “faster.”

Unfortunately, your air-conditioning unit can only work so quickly. The only time you can expect this method to work is if you have a two-stage air conditioner.

Ultimately, setting your thermostat to extremely high or low temperatures will only cost you money. You’re trying to overwork your air conditioner, and you won’t reach a desired temperature any faster than you would have otherwise.

2.     Leaving Your Thermostat at the Same Setting

If you have a WiFi home thermostat or a digital thermostat, it doesn’t make sense to leave your thermostat at the same setting all the time. Even if you’re still stuck with a manual thermostat, you should be changing your settings accordingly.

The best home thermostat can only do so much to help you save money – the rest is up to you.

You may be wasting as much as $180 per year if you’re not changing your thermostat settings appropriately. When you leave your home for more than eight hours, change the thermostat setting so that you’re not heating or cooling an empty house.

I recommend doing this:

  • Summer: Before leaving your house, turn up the air conditioner by 5°.
  • Winter: Turn down your heater 10° or more if you’re going to leave your home for more than eight hours.

The United States Department of Energy suggests that this simple change in temperature settings when you’re gone can save you an average of 10% on your energy bills every month. Of course, the best home thermostat, such as the Nest, will provide feedback to help you save money every month.

3.     Adjusting Your Thermostat Too Often

The best thermostat for home usage is one that provides you with feedback. Often times, homeowners read articles like this and then they start adjusting the thermostat all the time. This is all done with a good intention, but it actually cost the homeowner more money.

You don’t want to have your furnace or air conditioner running 24 hours a day because you are changing the temperature every 30 minutes.

If you have purchased the best home thermostat, you need to follow these three Golden rules to ensure that you save money, reduce your carbon footprint and art negating the great benefits that a newer thermostat offers. Simple changes can save you money, and they are much better for the environment.

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