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Sensi vs. Honeywell: Which is the Best Smart Thermostat 2018?

Honeywell’s WiFi and Sensi Smart thermostat are two of the leading thermostats on the market today. Known for their ease of use, these thermostats come with advanced features and functionality that adjust your home’s indoor temperatures to your exact preference.

When looking at the Sensi vs Honeywell, you’re really looking at which model has the right features for you.

Both models have their perks, but the right one will ultimately depend on your needs. Let’s take a look at each thermostat separately to determine the differences between the two.


An Amazon best seller. The Sensi is a programmable thermostat that connects to your home’s WiFi and allows you to control it from anywhere using the accompanying app.

Available on both Android and iOS, the Sensi app is only the beginning of the great features this thermostat offers.

Sensi also features:

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      Scheduling: Through 7-day scheduling, you can reduce energy costs. Scheduling allows you to alter heating and cooling throughout the day, so you never waste energy when you’re not home.
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      Installation: Want to install your thermostat with ease? The accompanying app includes a step-by-step installation guide.
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      Display: A large, blue-lighted display shows you the room’s current temperature, system function and time.
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      Energy Savings: Emerson states that you can save 30% on energy costs if you alter your energy usage properly.
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      Temperature Accuracy: Many thermostats have inaccurate temperature settings causing a lag in your heating and cooling system starting and stopping. The Sensi has precise temperature settings with a +/- 1 degree accuracy.

    Emerson’s Sensi reviews are always positive, and being a best seller, the product has worked for thousands of other consumers. Sensi may not be as advanced as Nest, but it definitely is more affordable, and highly reliable.

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    Honeywell’s best WiFi Smart Thermostat is more powerful than Sensi, but it also comes with advanced features that makes it worth every penny. First, you’ll notice that the sleek screen monitors:

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      Indoor temperature
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      Indoor humidity
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      Outdoor temperature
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      Outdoor humidity

    The system’s current status, and the current date and time are also listed.

    When setting up your thermostat, the Honeywell will ask you if you’re using the thermostat in a home or business. If you’re using this model in a business setting, it will be more flexible in terms of energy savings.

    The thermostat will lower the heat when no one is in the office to ensure that you’re using only minimal energy.Home scheduling does the same and allows you to choose how your thermostat functions for all hours of the day.

    Advanced features include:

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      Smart Response: Alerting you of coming heat waves and cold fronts. Smart response uses the outdoor temperature to ensure extreme indoor temperatures are never achieved.
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      Control: The on-screen controls allow you to change settings while you’re at home, and the free app allows you to change settings on-the-go.
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      Learning: Through advanced pattern matching, the system will learn your heating and cooling habits, and adjust as necessary.

    With rave reviews, the Honeywell slightly outpaces the Sensi.

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    Sensi vs Honeywell

    Which thermostat is more powerful? Honeywell has the advantage of learning your heating and cooling habits and adjusts the temperature, so you have it exactly how you want it when you walk through the door.

    Sensi is the budget-friendly option that is one-third cheaper than its Honeywell counterpart.

    With both thermostats allowing you to make schedules, the main difference is Honeywell’s ability to learn your habits. If you want to provide less user input and have a larger budget, the Honeywell is a more advanced, robust thermostat.

    If you don’t need the Smart Response technology and don’t mind a little hands-on temperature adjustment, the Sensi is the smart choice – and it works great, too.

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