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How To Save Money By Installing A WiFi Thermostat 2018

Everything seems to be becoming more and more expensive with each passing day!  I used to think that economic devices such as smartphones, internet, and home control systems are increasing my home’s expenses but they actually end up saving me a lot of money.

For instance, before smartphones, I would have to text all your family and friends at a much more expensive SMS rate than what most chat apps provide these days.

And before cell phones, my parents had to make expensive phone calls just so they can find out if relatives are still alive.

It was also incredibly hard to get ahold of people during the day and businesses missed out on a lot of deals because people simply didn’t know about their products.

Smartphones and tabs have made our lives easier more convenient and much more affordable. I realized that it was time for us to reach a new level with our next upgrade; a WiFi Thermostat that can help me save a lot of money and made life a lot easier.


What is a WiFi Thermostat?

WiFi thermostats have a few different names such as a wireless thermostat, internet thermostat and digital thermostat. Basically, a WiFi Thermostat is used to automate your home by allowing you to regulate the temperature with the use of a smartphone or tab.

The best WiFi thermostats have sensors that monitor the temperature of your home and automatically heats and cools the house so your home temperature will be completely consistent.


How a WiFi Thermostat can help you save energy or money

The best WiFi thermostat can help you control your energy consumption because it will keep temperatures from heating or cooling too much.

No one in our home is constantly altering the temperature and causing our heaters to work harder. We also saved a lot of energy and money by setting our thermostat to postpone heating or cooling until it was almost time to go home.

The best part is that you don’t have to be home to control the temperature of your home. You can do it over the internet by using your wireless thermostat that functions over an iPhone or smartphone app.

You also save money because you can switch off all heaters from a remote destination if you forgot to do it before leaving home. By saving energy, you will be saving a lot of money on your electric bill.


Why you should be saving energy

In 1973 there was a massive oil crisis that had a huge impact on our everyday life. People were unable to find transportation to work because there was no gas and businesses had a hard time functioning simply because the resources were tapped out.

The oil crisis spurred on the invention of solar panel systems because people finally realized just how important our resources are.

In the same way, energy is manufactured from coal and the sources are becoming scarcer and scarcer. It is each person’s duty to do what they can to help use as little of these scarce resources as possible.


Benefits of a WiFi Thermostat

The best wireless thermostats have a lot of benefits that can make your life much easier. Some of the top benefits for home thermostats are;

  • They are incredibly easy to set up and can work on older heating systems
  • I can control the temperature from across the globe if I wanted.
  • The smart response temperature timing allows me to control my home’s energy consumption by switching your heaters on when I need them and off when I don’t.
  • I receive auto alerts on malfunctions and advancements
  • I can lock the touchscreen to prevent others from messing around with your settings
  • I was able to install the device myself
  • I can even control my fan’s and on a much more advanced level
  • Being able to control and regulate my home’s temperature saves us a lot of money
  • The best wireless thermostat can save the world’s natural resources by consuming less energy
  • Life is much easier and more affordable
  • The thermostat can be controlled from my smart device. You don’t have to buy a new controller unit and you don’t have to struggle with multiple devices

How to setup your WiFi Thermostat

Your home’s wiring is already in place because your old thermostat is already in place. The best WiFi thermostats use standard wiring which means you only have to remove the old thermostat, connect the new thermostat to the old wiring and perhaps drill a few new holes in your wall to fit the new unit securely.

It is, however important to remember safety when you are installing your new thermostat because electricity is incredibly dangerous!

If you know how to switch off your electricity then you can do the switch yourself but if you know absolutely nothing about your home’s wiring, then it might be time to start looking for some help rather than end up electrified.


How to use your WiFi Thermostat

Once you have your new thermostat installed, you will have to download the thermostat app to your smartphone, tab or smart device.

The app’s are incredibly easy to install and figuring out how to use the app to control your temperature will only take a few minutes.

Once the app is installed, you can switch your thermostat on and off at any time and from anywhere you like or you can create pre-determined settings so your thermostat will switch on and off automatically.

You can also regulate your home’s temperature so your home won’t heat up too much or cool down too much while you are enjoying your family and friends.


By controlling your temperature, you can not only save money, time and energy, you can also enjoy a healthier family because if your home’s temperature is completely regulated, your sickly children never have to step into an icy home after a doctor’s appointment.

Also, you and your kids won’t catch a chill during the night when the temperatures suddenly drops.

The WiFi thermostats are incredibly easy to use, they are durable and they can replace just about any old thermostat in your home.

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