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Microsoft Smart Thermostat Enters the Race of Digital Thermostats

microsoft enter smart thermostats world

Over the last few decades, Microsoft has been losing its market share in most tech market segments to powerful competitors such as Google. For instance, it has less than 5% market share in the market segment of mobile technologies.

The search engine giant’s dominance in mobile gadgets such as phones and tablets can be attributed to its increasing market share in the tech industry. Microsoft is lagging in various modern technology solutions such as cloud computing, smart home devices, etc.

The company has also experienced a dip in software market share from over 90% to about 40%. However, the tech giant isn’t going down without a fight. Recently, it delved into the smart home market to regain its market share in the tech industry.

There are reports that the company is planning to integrate Cortana, its home assistant, in almost every smart home device, including fridges, toasters, home pods and many more. Maybe the new Glas thermostat is just the start to a rivalry that is going to continue for many years to come.

Rivalry Continues

Microsoft realized that it is missing out big time in the smart home market, which is predicted to be worth about 140 billion USD by the year 2023. 

With such a huge market value, you can expect that the rivalry will be rife. Microsoft seems to have already started cutting its piece of the pie in smart homes. 

The tech giant introduced a new Glas thermostat in conjunction with Johnson controls, making them the first company to produce an electric thermostat. 

The new Glas is a sleek machine and a beauty to behold. It has a translucent and vibrant 5.91” OLED screen that stands out on any wall.

The screen is huge and easy to read and use unlike its rivals such as Nest and Ecobee, which are built with small screens. It has an integrated touch controller and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The Glas thermostat is powered by Windows 10 IoT core. This makes it easy to set schedules, atop it mastering your home environment quickly. 

The Glas thermostat brings in a new excellent feature that has kicked the competition right where it hurts.

Glas can monitor air quality inside or even outside your house, sending you updates. It gives you the ability to schedule your HVAC system maintenance and filter changes so you will never forget.

This guarantees the quality of air you breathe to be top notch.

Glas tells you of the total volatile organic compound (tVOC) and relevant levels of carbon dioxide (eCO2) so you can be able to take care of air getting into your house. Outside, it can track pollution of air by an air pollution index.

The Glas thermostat uses Cortana, an intelligent assistant, to control your Glas thermostat from a remote location.

You can control it with your voice easily. Cortana also allows you to change the mode of the thermostat between home, away, sleep or vacation.

You can read air quality, current temperature and even turn the fan on or off.
Remote access is also made easy with your smartphone on any platform, including iOS or Android.

You can tweak the thermostat as you wish with the mobile phone without having to touch it. It also knows when you are home or when away so it can adjust accordingly.

The sensors included in this tech gadget includes a temperature sensor, humidity, air quality sensors (tVOC and eCO2), 15 feet occupancy detection sensors, microphone, and speakers. The speakers and microphone have Cortana support. 

The Glas thermostat is going to save energy in your home and therefore save you money by adjusting the settings of your HVAC system according to the environment. When connected to WiFi, the thermostat can tell you outdoor weather information such as the high and lows of the day, current temperature, forecast, humidity and the wind speed.

The system also comes with an “arrival anticipation” feature, which sets the thermostat to home mode, especially when you are not home. When you return, you get to a warm and comfortable house.

Does Microsoft Thermostat Come With An App?

Yes, it does come with an app called the Glas app. The app and the thermostat displays have been built with the same interface to prevent confusion while using the app. Change temperature of the thermostat without having to touch it or be near it on the app.

You can also access all the energy saving reports from the app.

Moreover, the app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The app is intuitive and easy to use. The energy reports are also real time on the app so you can always keep track of your energy usage. The app is ready for download on Google play store for Android and the iOS store. However, it is not ready for the Windows 10 devices at the Microsoft store, but soon will be.

Microsoft Smart Thermostat Instructions

Glas works with most HVAC systems that are rated 24V, including those with oil, gas, or electric heat, ground and dual heat support configurations.

Remove the face of the current thermostat you have running in your house to reach beneath the hood. This helps start the thermostat.

Check out the following labeled wires; power (labeled with C, RH, RC), conventional (labeled with W1, W2, Y1, Y2), heat pump (O/B), fan (G) and humidifier, dehumidifier, ventilator, heat recovery ventilator, energy recovery ventilation (Aux). 

Glas is also able to control some split or packaged air conditioning units. Inside the box, you'll find a quick start guide and an installation guide to get you through the installation process. The mobile app and the thermostat software are updated automatically.

The box comes with a back plate, Glas smart thermostat, the front cover, 4 screws, 5 wire adapters for your different wires and the drywall anchors.

Microsoft Glas Thermostat Price

The Microsoft Glas thermostat started selling this March (2018). You can preorder your Glas thermostat now from the Glas Website at $319. The high price could be attributed to the OLED display you are getting with the Glas thermostat that is not in any other thermostats on the market.

Besides retailing at a premium price, Microsoft and Johnson Control’s Glas Thermostat is a premium product. The hardware is top notch, and the design is sleek and elegant. Behind the hood, the software is fantastic and intuitive. It saves you energy and stands out on your wall.

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