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Lux Products TX9600TS Universal 7-Day Programmable Touch Screen Thermostat

If your old conventional thermostat already gave up on you, or you grew fed up of needing to always keep an eye on it because you can’t program it, and you are looking forward to jump right into the world of programmable thermostats, then the Lux TX9600TS is the chosen one.

Therefore, here is for another in-depth review and lay out all the features, as well as the pros and cons of this thermostat, so that you can decide if this model is the right option for you, without you doing all the hard work of searching for information.

Top Features

The Lux TX9600TS model is the best model if you are considering getting yourself current in the world of programmable thermostats. The design features are pretty basic, yet it is super easy and comfy to install and program, as once running you can just forget about it and enjoy.

The main features of the TX9600TS model includes:

  • ​A large digital lighted touchscreen display that illuminates in the dark and comes with large numbers and letters, which provides the touchscreen with ease and comfort for you to read and program.
  • ​It reads temperature with extreme accuracy and only has a .25 swing, much lower than even the more modern cutting-edge competitors.
  • ​It can be programmed individually by each day of the week with periods of 2 to 4 cycles per day.
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    ​It is of a high-quality standard that provides a 3-year warranty, without needing to register the product.
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    ​It comes with all the basic information lectures as well as all the essential menu operations that enhances the comfort and practicality of usage.

Pros and Cons

Like everything that has virtues, it also comes with a couple of flaws, that’s why we’ve opted to lay out all the pros and cons of the Lux TX9600TS model.

The pros include many of the main impromptu advantages that a programmable thermostat has, like an eco- friendly design, easy installation and compatibility with the most common heating/cooling systems, at least in the United States.

When it comes to this particular model, the advantages that stand out are:

  • ​Accurate temperature reading
  • ​User friendly display
  • ​Large design and touchscreen that makes it very easy to access
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    ​Protection code for unauthorized users
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    ​An incredibly affordable price (half as cheap as their counterparts)
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    ​Vacation hold mode that turns the thermostat off when you are away for many days

In contrast, the main cons of this model have more to do with being a really basic, low-tech model that doesn’t bring many of the assets of the more high-tech competitors, like wi-fi connection, geofencing or even the use of a remote control.

In addition to that here are still other disadvantages of the Lux TX9600TS.

  • ​If you happen to have a multilevel heating/cooling system then you better forget about this thermostat, as it only has room for 2-stage heating/1 stage cooling systems which are way more common.
  • ​Also, if your heaters tend to function with electric energy, this thermostat gets automatically discarded as well as it has no options for electrical heaters. Therefore, this thermostat is not recommended for larger, more modern heating/cooling systems.
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Instruction and Installation

Overall, installing the TX9600TS model has no major complications. Before you start, you need to make sure your HVAC system is turned off.

Then take a look at your wire set up, as most of them use colored wires, letters and numbers so you can identify them better. However, the user manual will tell you the best labelling option to rely on.

One last final tip before you start following the manual is to take a quick picture of your wiring before installation takes place. This way you have a clear reference that will help you correctly place the cables during the wiring process.

Finally, be careful of your wires not falling through the wall. A good tip for avoiding that is to twist them around a pencil so they hold on to something while installing the thermostat.


There are times where a series of factors can lead the thermostat to malfunction and shut off.

That’s why we went through the official TX9600TS troubleshooting manual to list some of the main issues that might affect the temperature regulation of the model, along with possible resolutions that can help to figure out these issues.


Make Sure To

Fan goes off in heat mode

  • ​For electric heat, move the back switch of thermostat to “electric position”
  • ​Set the units fan control appropriately to another appropriate setting.

Fan won’t turn off

  • ​Move the Fan switch from On to Auto
  • ​Remove ‘G’ wire, if fan still running, the system might be miswired or the heat/cool system is failing.

Misread temperature

​Scan the user manual to confirm correct set temperature. The “SET” sign should be displayed on screen

Second stage or AUX heating is not found

  • ​Ensure the offset is set to 1 instead of 0.
  • ​Go to wiring diagram to verify correct wiring.

Emergency heat won't turn on

  • ​Place dip switch #1 on the back of thermostat to “ON” position, then press the HW_RST button. The second heating stage should be activated.
  • ​Ensure a wire its connected to the W2 terminal..

Can’t remove the default programming

​Place dip switch #2 located on the back of the thermostat to “ON” position and press the HW_RST button. The programming features from your thermostat should be removed.

Heats or cools more than 5 degrees past its displayed set temperature

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    ​Remove thermostat from the wall and just leave the back plate. Verify healing and cooling are turned off in a couple of minutes.
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    ​Replace batteries with Duracell or Energizer alkaline batteries.
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    ​Setup heat mode. Adjust temperature at least 5 degrees below room temperature.
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    ​Decrease the unit swing setting to a more narrow setting
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    ​Know that in Cool Mode, thermostat may not activate a cooling stage until the compressor protection time is up (this may take up to 5 minutes)

​No heat/cool when expected

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    ​For Heat Pump systems, ensure that the thermostat is configured for HEAT PUMP (HP mode) instead of Furnace (FURN) mode.
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    ​Scan the user manual to confirm correct set temperature. The “SET” sign should be displayed on screen
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Bottom Line

The Lux TX9600TS thermostat is the perfect model for those who want to go programmable as it is affordable, low maintenance, easy to operate, and provides all the necessary features that allows you to save a big amount of energy throughout the years.

However, even though most of the time the model seems to perform very well there can be some issues along the way. If that happens make sure to immediately contact Lux customer support so they can help you out with any issue you might have.

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