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Is Nest Really the Best? Reviewing the Nest 2017

Nest is one of the most highly marketed and reviewed thermostats on the market. Known for its ability to adjust your home’s temperature and unique design, Nest really pushed programmable thermostats into the future with its unique, yet powerful design and affordable price.

An advanced model, this Nest review will cover the Nest in detail.

Intuitive, Unique Design

Redefining the way that thermostats look, the Nest is circular in shape and changes colors to tell you when the heat (orange) or air conditioner (blue) is on. When you’re away, the thermostat will have a simple “away” text, and it will be black in color when neither the heat nor air conditioning kick on.

A simple turn of the circular edge will change the temperature to your desired setting.

Nest is so well-known because it can be taught or trained to behave to the owner’s preference. Within a week or so, I was able to fully train Nest to have my home the right temperature for me at all times.

The way learning is achieved is by monitoring your actions. For example, I:

  • Turn the heat down when leaving for work.
  • Turn the heat up when I return.
  • When I go to bed, I like it a little cooler, so I reduce the heat again.

Nest will monitor these changes in settings and learn your habits.


When you’re not in your home, you’re wasting energy by keeping your home’s settings to your personal preference. Nest uses the industry’s most advanced sensors to determine when you’re not in the home.

Auto-away even works if you’re not in a room often.

By changing the temperature to make it a little less energy exhausting, you’ll be able to save money without having to lift a finger changing your temperature.

Energy Efficiency

If there is one thing people can agree on, it’s the fact that energy costs are rising with every season. Nest works to eliminate some of these costs and allows you to go green with ease. You’ll reduce your carbon footprint through:

  • Energy History: A detailed report of your energy history is provided. You can look at an entire month of history to determine how you can save money, and what your peak energy usage hours are.
  • Nest Leaf: When making smart energy choices, the Nest Leaf will appear. Earning just one leaf per day results in most homeowners saving 10% on their energy costs.
  • System Match: Utilizing specific features of your HVAC system, Nest will be able to turn features on and off to keep your home comfortable while further saving you money. Airway is a perfect example of system match in action and turns on your AC fan instead of your AC to save you money (when possible).

Nest can be controlled via an app for your smartphone and does connect directly to your home’s Wi-Fi. You’ll be able to check your home’s temperature when you’re at work and adjust it to your liking without ever stepping foot in your home. The Nest is perfect for the busy homeowner that has a varying schedule.

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