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Honeywell Lyric T5 WiFi Thermostat, Works with Amazon Alexa 2017

Small, compact and sleek, the Honeywell Lyric T5 is a wifi thermostat that offers compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa. The voice control offered via Alexa is a nice addition to any home, and this unit also has 7-day flexible scheduling for added power.

The T5 is one of the hottest thermostats on the market.

But does it compete with other Honeywell models? We’ll find out.

Amazon Alexa and WiFi for Maximum Control

Amazon’s Alexa is a neat product, and it enables us everyday folks to have our own virtual assistant. It’s a smart home gadget that also offers a lot of novelties that are fun and quirky. This is part of the Echo product.

And the Lyric T5 works alongside Alexa’s voice control.

A simple voice control can adjust the temperature.

But Alexa’s integration is limited and not perfect. It’s quirky, and the setup is tedious. Setup takes under an hour, but there are some features that don’t seem perfected just yet.

Asking “Alexa what’s the current temperature set at?” will lead to “I’m not sure how to help you with that.” Maybe you don’t want to turn the heat up another degree if it’s at 75 degrees already. You’ll need to rely on your app, or go up to the thermostat to maximize your control over the thermostat.

It’s a great feature, but it’s not yet perfected.

WiFi Maximizes Control

WiFi and app integration work well with this Honeywell WiFi, smart thermostat. Honeywell simplifies home comfort and security with a single application. The Lyric T5 works with Honeywell’s app for iOS and Android devices.

Better control and comfort lead to energy savings.

You can control and monitor your thermostat’s settings and temperature from anywhere.

And Honeywell has included geofencing technology into their app, too.

What geofencing offers is the ability to track your location. Your thermostat will know exactly where you’re located, so if you’re close to home, the app will adjust the thermostat’s temperature to match your preference.

Scheduling Power and Comfort

A Honeywell WiFi thermostat is packed with power. The company has a reputation for offering the industry’s leading WiFi thermostats. When you use the T5, you get to choose between two scheduling options:

  1. 7-day flexible scheduling
  2. Location-based scheduling

When you choose location-based scheduling, your app will monitor your location and send the information to your thermostat. The thermostat will adjust the temperature so that your home’s temperature is perfect when you walk through the door.

Now, this is done using adaptive recovery.

What adaptive recovery offers is the ability to learn how long it will take to heat your home to the desired temperature. So, if it takes 20 minutes to reach 70 degrees, the system will learn to engage when you hit a desired location so that the internal temperature reaches your desired setting.

It’s all about choosing the right time to engage the system.

Users can update their thermostat’s schedule via the app. But if the power goes out, the settings are not retained. Scheduling allows for:

  • Vacation start and end time
  • Set daily schedules for a 7-day period

Schedules can be created on the app, or on the thermostat’s interface.

Interface Options

The sleek design of the Lyric T5 makes it look modern and updated, but the interface is lacking. When you use the interface, it’s a bit dated and reminds me of the early PC days. There’s a lot of blocky text and dots to separate the interface’s buttons.

It’s a little odd at first, and I believe Honeywell could have done a lot better in this department.

But once you get used to the interface, it’s becomes second nature.

You can use the interface to control the unit’s scheduling and function without the need to use the app.

Smart Alerts

Smart alerts offer a neat and fun way to keep “in touch” with your thermostat. You have the option to be informed of different events.

Just imagine you’re on your way home from work, and you haven’t had the chance to check recent weather updates.

When you’re halfway home, your thermostat may push a notification that alerts you of extreme temperature changes in the forecast. This is a major relief because you can open up your thermostat’s app and change your temperature as needed.

Honeywell ensures you can adapt to weather changes as they happen.

And, I have a question for you: when was the last time you changed your home’s HVAC filter?

It’s not something most people add into their calendar and remember. Well, Honeywell will remind you when it’s time to change your filter, too.

These are the convenient alerts that will make your heating and cooling system run for longer. You’ll extend the lifetime of your HVAC system thanks to the Lyric T5.


  • Connects to Alexa and offers full app control
  • Redefines geofencing and masters it
  • Provides alerts and learns the user’s preferences


  • The interface is underwhelming
  • Alexa’s functionality is limited

Our Thoughts on the Lyric T5

Is this the best thermostat by Honeywell? No. it’s a budget-friendly option, but the best that we’ve covered is the Honeywell WiFi Thermostat RTH9580WF. While Alexa functionality isn’t offered, the smart technology is more refined.

There’s a peak hour savings option that is priceless.

There’s also smart response features that monitors your schedule and adapts to your habits.

Lyric T5 underperforms against this model, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good buy. The look of the T5 is unmatched, and it’s also more affordable. Anyone on a budget will find that the T5 is offered at a lower price point.

But, if you need to use Alexa or want to use other smart functions, such as connecting with IFTTT or Apple’s HomeKit ™ this is a great option.

Installation is a breeze, and a C-wire is required for installation. A C-wire is required for WiFi models, and if you have an older system, you’ll want to read our write up on how to hack your way through C-wire issues.

Honeywell’s Lyric T5 is a top-of-the-line thermostat in its price range, and with its sleek look, it’s a great choice for modern homes.

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