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Get a WiFi Thermostat for the Best Family Health 2017

My family’s health is important to me and it can be tough to keep everyone healthy when the weather is constantly changing. We all know what it feels like to expect a warm sunny day only to end us chilled and frozen all day and to have to step into an icy home when we finally do get home. It takes quite a while for my home to heat up well enough for it to become bearable. My kids have a tendency to get incredibly ill when they are exposed to different temperatures in a short period of time.

My child is also feeling cold all day, sits in a warm car on the way to home and then have to step into an icy home when I finally arrive. During winter times I even started leaving my heaters on all day because the medical bills and electric bills seem to be quite equal and no one was getting any sleep when my kids were ill. But I didn’t want to be one of those people who are only consuming the world’s resources without giving it a second thought. I had to find a way to improve my family’s health and save money, which is why I invested in a WiFi thermostat. I now have complete control over my home’s temperature all the time and can start heating my home the moment I leave the office.


What is a WiFi thermostat?

A WiFi thermostat is the new and revolutionary way in which homes will be operating. WiFi thermostats replace a home’s traditional thermostat and they function over the internet with a WiFi connection. Once the new thermostat is installed, you can then download an app to your smart device or log onto the link from your computer and change your home’s temperature or switch the thermostat on and off. You can have a look at Nest thermostat reviews to get a better clue of what these thermostats look like and what their functionalities are.


Will a WiFi thermostat look messy?

These thermostats have a simple but modern design and can be mounted on your wall in the place of the old thermostat. They are small and take little space in hour home and have a much better look than those old manual thermostats that are so hard to set. Different thermostats have different shapes, designs and colors but work basically the same way. For example, I have the Nest thermostat that has a round shape and the color changes according to the temperature settings. I can change the settings and temperature directly on the thermostat by twirling it around or I can control it from a smart device wherever I go.


Can the thermostat be installed on older devices?

This was my biggest question since I had a pretty old thermostat in my home but luckily these modern WiFi thermostats have the same basic wiring as the older models. You can have it installed in the place of any older model and have a better looking home and control the temperature no matter where you are and no matter where you go.


The top benefits of a WiFi Thermostat

This device made my life a lot easier simply because my family is healthier. Some of the top benefits that I pretty soon realized was;

  • I could save energy and money because I didn’t have to leave the heater on while at work and my home is already heated when I get home.
  • Kids stay healthier because they are not suddenly exposed to cold temperatures when we get out of the car.
  • The entire family is healthier because the thermostat automatically controls the home’s temperature during the night and alters according to the weather changes. No one is suddenly waking up dredged in sweat when the house gets too warm and no one is freezing cold when the temperatures drop too low.
  • I can switch off the thermostat if I forget to do so during the morning rush from home to school and work.
  • If the day suddenly turns cold or warm, I can change the temperature settings before starting up my thermostat so I can step into a perfect environment
  • The app is easy to use and I could install the thermostat myself.


How to install the thermostat in your home?

  1. Well, first of all you need to find the right system. A great way to find out more about the best thermostats and their functionality is to read up about their reviews like the Nets thermostat review. There are plenty of different models and styles to choose from but I loved the round shape of the Nest thermostat.
  2. Next, you need to switch the power off! This is incredibly important if you don’t want to end up electrifying yourself.
  3. If you are sure that the power is off, you can remove the old thermostat by unscrewing it from the wall and removing the wires.
  4. Once you have removed the old thermostat, you can install the new thermostat on the old one’s place by using the instruction manual.
  5. Your Thermostat should now be functional and can now be connected on the WiFi connection.
  6. Download the right app to your phone and start learning how to change the settings.

All in all, the thermostat is incredibly easy to install but if you need a bit more advice, you can always have a look at the nest thermostat review for some guidance.


The WiFi thermostat is incredibly easy to use and helps you save a lot of money. With the cash I saved on medical bills and electric bills, I was finally able to start a savings account for my kids. The WiFi thermostat did not only cure my family but it is also making life a lot easier because I (and not my kids) have full control over my home’s temperature because the thermostat has a lockable screen that secures the settings.

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