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Control Your Home’s Temperature and Save Money 2017


Instead of constantly scattering and searching for ways to make more money, I decided to give myself a break and spend that time with family by learning to save money instead.  As you know, there are a lot of different ways in which you can save money such as;

  • Creating home meals instead of eating takeaways
  • Taking showers instead of baths to save water and energy
  • Keeping your lights switched off when you are not using a room
  • And – my favorite – investing in a WiFi thermostat to control your home’s temperature

Out of all of these methods, the WiFi thermostat seemed to be the best way to save money and also helped me a lot because it made my life a lot easier and increased my health.


How a WiFi thermostat provides better health

Getting out of your car and entering an icy home is bad for your health because the difference in temperature usually spurs on the flu. It is also unhealthy to live in a home that is constantly changing in temperature and your manual thermostat finds it hard to regulate your home’s temperature so you are sweating one moment and shivering the next. With a WiFi thermostat, your home has the most consistent temperature possible and you can heat up your home a while before you get home so you will step into a nice and cozy house.


How a WiFi thermostat saves you money

After installing the rth9580wf system, I no longer had to look for a second job or hobby to earn extra cash because I automatically started saving money.  The Honeywell thermostat rth9580wf model automatically switches off during the times I am not at home and on when I do get home.  And when I forget to reprogram it on while I am on holiday, I can simply log onto my mobile app and switch it off.  I also started heating my home generally before I left the office and no longer had my heater on full blast in order to get my home warmer quicker and I most certainly don’t leave the heater on during working hours anymore.  This has tremendous effects on my electricity bills.


Where to find the right WiFi thermostat?

For me, the rth9580wf model is the best because it has a modern design, the setup is simple and easy and it is incredibly easy to install in both my home an on my mobile device.  You can buy the Honeywell thermostat rth9580wf directly from their website or find a retailer that is closest to you and skip out on the delivery cost and waiting period.


How to install a WiFi thermostat?

The thermostat is incredibly easy to install because it functions on the same wiring as your old manual thermostat.  You simply switch off the power, take out the old unit and install the new thermostat on the old wiring.  The Honeywell WiFi smart thermostat rth9580wf will then automatically connect to your home’s WiFi.  You can then download the app onto your smartphone, iPhone, tab or even access the network from your computer and start learning how to change and alter your home’s temperature. You can change the temperature settings on the Honeywell device itself or from any location that you find yourself in by simply accessing the app.  This great device is compatible with heating and cooling systems as well as heat pumps but sadly is not compatible with electric baseboard hat so be sure that you have the right requirements before you buy.


Is the app easy to use?

To start controlling your rth9580wf system, you can log onto the website, change it on the Honeywell device or use the app.  The Honeywell WiFi smart thermostat rth9580wf offers the following settings;

Outdoor checking – You can check the outdoor humidity and temperature on the device so you will know if you need an extra jacket for work before you step out of your home.

Time and date – The time and date reflect on the gorgeous led screen.

Status – You can check the status of your thermostat with an easy glance and find out if it is on cool or heat mode.

Indoor checking – The indoor temperatures and humidity is displayed on the monitor.

Scheduling – Create a on and off or temperature schedule that fits your lifestyle so you don’t have to fret with app settings every time you leave home.

Change the temperature – manually or with the use of your mobile device.  You can instantly make it cooler or warmer.

Fan speed – Control your fan speed and style easily and effectively


What does the WiFi thermostat look like?

The rth9580wf system has a simple but modern look.  The WiFi touchscreen thermostat has a quick start guide and is available in a gorgeous silver color that will suit most homes.  It is compatible and has a color touchscreen that can be altered to languages such as French or Spanish.  The cool blue display looks modern and fun.


Enjoy great customer support

If you are interested in the rth9580wf system, you can also enjoy full customer support to help you install the device, learn to use it and repair it in case of an emergency.  The customer support is professional, reliable and definitely exactly what you need to ensure that your WiFi system works great.


Other ways to make your home more efficient

Once you have your thermostat installed, it is time to start looking at some other fantastic home care solutions that will save you a lot of energy.  Some of the top units to look at are;

  • Humidifiers – Humidifiers keeps the air cleaner and adds oxygen and moisture to the air for a healthier home environment.
  • Air cleaners – Remove toxins from the air with an enhanced air cleaner. They are easy to install and take up only a little bit of space but will provide you with the cleanest and freshest air possible.
  • Light Timers – Light timers can save a lot of energy and can make it appear as if you are home, even if you are not. They are perfect for keeping robbers at bay and also for saving money as best possible.

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