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Control Your Life with the Help of a Programmable Thermostat 2017


Controlling my home’s temperature used to be quite tough. The old thermostats are hard to use because the buttons are limited and you struggle to get the right settings. But thanks to the programmable thermostat, I can now control my entire home from anywhere in the world and it didn’t cost nearly as much as I thought it would have. The best programmable thermostat allows you to switch your heaters or coolers off and on and change the temperature settings without even being at home.

Before I had the modern thermostat, I would rise an hour earlier each winter morning to start heating our home warm enough so that the entire family would finally be able to get out of bed. I would also constantly be turning the car around when I forgot to switch it off after leaving for work. And on some days I simply left it on because being late for work is just as bad as an expensive electric bill. We would all come home late at night and shiver while the heater was on full blast in an attempt to get our home hot fast enough and the next day all this would happen all over again.


How the WiFi thermostat changed our lives

Our routines changed the moment I invested in the programmable thermostat. The biggest benefit to me was the fact that I could finally sleep in and did not have to rise early because the automatic settings started our heaters way before any of us even woke.

We also saved a lot of money on electric bills because we only used the home heating system when it was needed. I would switch on the programmable thermostat on from my mobile device before leaving from home and we would all be completely warm and cozy the moment we stepped foot inside our homes.

I also did not have to take a crash course to be able to use the new thermostat because the thermostat and the app were incredibly easy to use and install.

And a great plus point was the fact that I did not have to make notes or set alarms to remind myself to switch the units off whenever we left home.  I could do it remotely or the programmable thermostat would do it automatically with the auto off feature.


What exactly is the programmable thermostat?

The best programmable thermostats, works on a Wi-Fi connection and with the help of a mobile app.  You simply install the modern thermostat in the place of your old thermostat and install the app on your phone.  You can then change the settings manually on the thermostat since most of them have fashionable touch screens that are much easier to use than traditional thermostats.  Alternatively, you can simply log onto the mobile app from devices such as smartphones or tabs and change the settings through the app.  To find out more about these modern devices, you can read programmable thermostat reviews and find the unit with the features that best suit your household and budget.


Install it yourself!

A great plus point about these is the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot on the installation costs. Your only investment would be the thermostat itself.  These are the steps to getting your thermostat installed;

  • You simply buy the thermostat from a retailer or from an online store.
  • Once you have your unit, you have to switch the power off so you won’t electrify yourself.
  • Next, you remove the old thermostat
  • Install the new thermostat in the old one’s place and mount it securely
  • Connect it to a wireless network
  • Install the mobile app
  • Start using your remodeled thermostat

The best programmable thermostat’s uses the same basic wiring as the old ones and can easily replace even older thermostat models.


Start saving energy with your new thermostat

It is important to have the right settings to maximize your energy savings and reduce your bills.  A few top ways to save energy is;

  • Turn your thermostat down a few degrees. Changing to a 40 – 70 degree range can save you up to five percent on electric costs.
  • You should set the thermostat to 55 degrees or off at night or when leaving so you won’t end up using electricity unnecessarily. This can save you 5 – 20 percent on your electric bill.
  • Remember to replace or clean your furnace filters regularly to boost the efficiency of your heating system
  • Reduce your water temperature as much as you can especially during summer when you are not really using hot water.
  • If you have a consistent routine, set your thermostat to switch on and off automatically for specific times
  • Those who have random routines or who are often working late, can turn on their thermostats remotely the moment they leave the office with the use of the app
  • If you forget to change your settings or are faced with a sudden emergency then you can still control your home’s energy with the use of the app.


How to find the best thermostat for your home

There are a lot of different thermostats with different functions. To find the best and most suitable thermostat, you should read programmable thermostat reviews because all the pros and cons of each type of thermostat is discussed during these reviews and you can do an effective price comparison on all the leading brands.

Since installing the programmable thermostat, my life has become a lot easier, I am more energized and everyone in the house is healthier because the home temperatures are much more consistent and our home is gloriously warm no matter how late or early we come home.  The electric bills are also much lower which is now enabling me to work less and spend more time with family because our living expenses are so much lower.  The WiFi thermostats made a great change in our lives and are definitely the best investment one can make.

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