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Why Buying a Nest3 Thermostat in 2017 Just Got a Lot Better



The Nest3 WiFi thermostat isn’t your normal thermostat. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of the Nest thermostat. But what a lot of people don’t know is that the best thermostat in the world just got a whole lot better.

What many homeowners don’t know is that the company allows third-party developers to tie into Nest products.

This doesn’t seem like such a big deal, but it’s the wave of the future. WiFi products allow you to make a smart home. There can be a series of “ifs” that can make living in a home fun, exciting and automated.

Just think about it.

The Nest thermostat can help you:

  • Change temperatures based on your habits
  • Learn all of your habits over time
  • Sense and adjust when people aren’t home
  • Help you save money on electric through smart adjustments

Nest has brought smart technology to life.

If you don’t know anything about the Nest3, I recommend checking out our Nest3 review.

It’s the world’s most advanced thermostat, and it just got a whole lot better.

What Nest Devices Work With Other Smart Devices?

What Nest has done is create a suite of products that work around the home all in an effort to help you make your home smart. And the three products outside of the thermostat that the company has created are all geared toward security and protection.

The three products that the company offers are:

Nest Indoor Cam

The indoor cam is a security camera by Nest that allows you to see inside of your home 24/7. Users are able to view the inside of their home in crystal clear 1080p high-definition. This camera costs under $200, and it offers:

  • Plug-in play security
  • Recording in real-time
  • Motion sensor recording
  • 30-day of footage saved to the cloud under the Nest Aware subscription
  • Audio detection
  • Alerts

Users are always able to view photos of the last three hours of activity for free. When the camera is able to detect a person (yes, it can detect a person instead of an object or animal), it will alert you via a text alert.

Emails can be sent, too, with a photo of the event.

Activity zones can also be setup so that you can detect activity in key areas. If a person is breaking into your safe or motion is sensed in a room, the camera can send you an alert.

You can even talk through the camera:

  • The cops are on their way.
  • Fido get off the couch.

Nest Outdoor Cam

The outdoor cam offers much of the same function that an indoor cam offers, but this model has been designed for use outside. Rain or shine, this camera can secure your outdoors and does so while also connecting to your phone for added security.

When the cam thinks that it sensed someone in your backyard, you’ll get an alert and be sent a feed on your phone.

Live video of what the person is doing will be provided to you through the feed. Users can also “speak” to their phone, which will be sent to your camera and blasted to the intruder. “Hey mate, get out of my yard” would be a major deterrent to an intruder that “thought” you weren’t home.

Using the company’s subscription service, everything can be recorded for up to 30 days.

The Outdoor cam also includes:

  • Messages or emails with key photo alerts
  • Personal alerts
  • Activity zones
  • Speech directed through the cam
  • High definition monitoring
  • Shares clips of events

Nest Protect

Nest Protect is a new product that can detect CO or smoke, and it is far more sophisticated than your normal, “dumb” smoke or CO alarm. But your alarm tells you a lot more and does a lot more than just let off a “beep,” which leaves you wondering what is going on in your home.

Installed on your ceiling, the unit also connects to your phone.

You no longer need to hop onto a chair to shut off a smoke alarm – it can all be done through the app.

This unit offers:

  • App silencing to shut off annoying alarms
  • Phone alerts of potential issues
  • Safety checkups
  • No annoying beeps and sounds
  • Internal checks (400 times a day)
  • Can detect steam (no false alarms)
  • Checks batteries at night and turns green, so no chirps keep you up at night

If there is an issue and visibility is difficult, it can help to light your way out of the home safely.

Nest and Nest Protect can work together.

A good example of this is:

  • Protect senses carbon dioxide
  • Nest is alerted of the issue

This sequence would tell the Nest thermostat to shut off since heating systems are often the cause of carbon monoxide.

It’s a level of safety that cannot be offered by your regular smoke or carbon monoxide detector.

A Smart Home Created

All of these products, including the Nest thermostat, are impressive on their own, but they’re even better when third-party products connect with all of these smart devices. Which devices can Nest products connect to?

  • WeMo sensor switches
  • Linus home lock
  • LIFX smart lights
  • Rachio sprinkler control
  • Skybell
  • Amazon Echo

And dozens of other products, too.

Let’s use the LIFX smart lights as an example. When connected to the Nest Protect, the lights will illuminate and flash red if a carbon monoxide warning is present. The lights will then go on their brightest level to allow you to get out of the home safely.

Nest will dim the lights automatically when it senses that no one is in the home so that your home can save energy even when you’re away.

The lights can also go on when it senses danger via one of the cameras so that would-be intruders think that the homeowner is home.

And every different product will offer its own level of function depending on the developer and what they meant their product to do. it’s an advanced way for all of your devices to connect together through a smart grid of sorts.

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