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5 Underappreciated Benefits of Installing the Best Digital Thermostat 2017


The best digital thermostat will allow for precision control over your heating or cooling, and they’re also rather affordable. These thermostats may or may not include Wi-Fi connectivity, and we found them to be the most accurate of all thermostat models.

A typical older model, that requires you to move a slider to choose your temperature simply is not ideal.


You will find that the older models lack precision. You may put your temperature on a comfortable 72° in the winter, and you may be freezing because the slider is inaccurate. A digital model is simply better, but they also offer several advantages to homeowners and businesses.

1.     No Mercury Included

Did you know that non-digital thermostats contain mercury? This mercury is highly toxic, and it is not safe if broken. Anyone with younger children should avoid, at all costs, having mercury in their home.

And your thermostat has the highest amount of mercury of all household items.

2.     Hello Eco-friendliness

Everyone is going the eco-friendly route. People are installing solar panels in their home, recycling and trying to ensure that the planet is safe for future generations. When you have the best digital thermostat, you will find that they are also eco-friendly.

Not only do these thermostats reduce your energy bills – a major bonus – but they also reduce the amount of mercury that ends up in landfills every year by as much as 6 tons.

3.     Energy Efficiency

One thing that we talk a lot about in our digital thermostat reviews is energy efficiency. Why? Reducing your carbon footprint is easy when you have energy efficient appliances. And it’s always nice to open up your heating bill to find that you’ve actually reduced your heating costs.

Since the majority of digital thermostats on the market are programmable, you can adjust your heating to save you money every month.

Wouldn’t it be nice to save of up to $200 per year by simply changing out your old thermostat? It’s a no-brainer, and it’s better for the environment.

4.     There Are No Moving Parts

A tap of the screen allows you to adjust your temperature, program your thermostat, and provide your home with adequate heating and cooling. While this may just seem like a minor convenience, there’s also something else that this allows for: no moving parts.

Since there are no moving parts, the best digital thermostat will not need to be calibrated.

You’ll also have to worry less about breakage, and you’ll have to call your technician to come out less often. This will save you money in the long run, and you don’t have to worry about your thermostat breaking anytime in the near future – unless you do something crazy and wild.

5.     The Best Digital Thermostat Offers Complete Control

Are you used to setting your temperature at a certain level and leaving it all winter or summer long? No one wants to continually change the temperature just to find the perfect setting for a particular day.

One thing that you’ll notice when reading digital thermostat reviews is that people love the flexibility that these models offer.

You can program your thermostat to be warmer in the morning because it’s cooler, and lower the temperature in the evening so that you’re not sweating at night. This is a level of control that you will never experience with older thermostats, and these thermostats will pay for themselves over time.

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