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5 Little-Known Benefits to Installing a Wireless Thermostat for 2017

The benefits of installing a wireless thermostat reviewed

I’ve had my wireless thermostat for over a year now, and I couldn’t imagine life without it. But if you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering if you should even bother buying one. After all, it’s just a thermostat, right? I’m not here to sway you one way or another, but I’d like to share some of the benefits that I’ve experienced since installing mine.

One thing I do want to note: you shouldn’t let the term “wireless” confuse you. You’ll still need to connect wires to your HVAC system. They’re called wireless units because they can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. In my opinion, “wifi thermostat” is a more accurate name for this device.

Now, onto the benefits:

1. More Control Saves Energy – and Money

We all know that programmable thermostats save us money. They reduce your energy usage, so you waste less and spend less. However, wireless thermostats go the extra mile by giving you even more control over your energy usage. How? By allowing you to control it remotely through your smartphone, computer or any other device that’s connected to the internet.

Let’s say that you’re going on a trip. While you were rushing around making sure you had everything you needed, you forgot to set the thermostat to “vacation mode” before you left the house. No problem! Just log into the app and switch it on. Now, you don’t have to worry about wasting energy and money while you’re away from home. This level of control is something a simple programmable thermostat can’t offer.

2. Set Alerts Through The Thermostat App

Wi-Fi thermostats have useful companion apps that let you do a number of things. One of the most useful is the ability to let you set alerts, so you can be notified if your home gets too hot or cold. These alerts are sent either to your phone as a text, or in an email.

So, if temperatures drop and you’re worried about your pipes freezing, you can increase the temperature to keep your home – and your pipes – warm. And you can do this remotely from your car, office, or anywhere that has an internet connection.

The great thing about these alerts is that they not only help you save energy (and money), but they preserve the life of your HVAC system. There’s no need to put an extra strain on your home’s heating and cooling system if you’re not even home.

3. Helpful Reports

Depending on which thermostat you purchase, you may receive helpful reports through the app. These reports let you keep an eye on your energy usage and may also offer tips on how you can save even more energy.

Some thermostats will also send special maintenance reports, or let you know of a potential system failure.

Reports are a great way to keep tabs on your HVAC system and your energy needs. They can also help you prepare for months when your energy demands spike and cause an increase in your monthly bill. By keeping a close eye on your usage, you can prepare yourself financially for your next bill.

4. Monitor Outdoor Conditions

Many of these thermostats will communicate with sensors outside that will give you an accurate reading of the outdoor temperature and humidity levels. Having easy access to this information will help you choose the right temperature for your home. Not only will you save money this way, but also make sure that your home is always a comfortable temperature. Remember, humidity levels can make it feel warmer than it really is, so knowing just the temperature isn’t quite as helpful as you might think.

5. Monitor Your Indoor Environment

In addition to providing you with information on outdoor conditions, your thermostat will also give you information on your home’s indoor environment. Knowing your home’s humidity levels, for example, will help you determine whether you should increase, decrease, or maintain the set temperature.

Since I’ve installed my wireless thermostat, I’ve not only cut back on my energy usage, but my home’s indoor environment has been more comfortable than ever before. That’s not to say that these thermostats are the right choice for everyone, but if you’re looking for a better way to control your energy usage, a Wi-Fi thermostat is a great place to start.


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