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3 Awesome Reasons You Need a Smartphone Controlled Thermostat 2017



You have a traditional thermostat that you simply slide the lever over, and choose your temperature. But the temperature never seems to be exactly right. You’re too hot, or you’re too cold. And if the temperature changes so drastically that when you go to work in the morning it’s freezing and by the time you come home it’s 75°, your heat is still going to be on.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do with the traditional thermostat to make your life more comfortable. A smartphone thermostat is exactly what you need for optimal control.

Let’s take a look at three awesome reasons you should have a smartphone thermostat in your home.

1.     Smartphone Thermostats Offer Control

You move the slider on your thermostat before bed, and in 30 minutes you’re scrambling to your feet because it’s too hot in your home. This happens to everyone at some point in their lives, and it’s frustrating. Everything else in life is digital, and you should have a choice to change your thermostat without stubbing your toe trying to scramble to your feet.

A smartphone thermostat is the answer.

These thermostats are connected to your Wi-Fi, and there highly secure. You’ll also be able to:

  • Change your thermostat settings on the fly – you never have to get out of bed.
  • Change your thermostat on your way home so that your home’s temperature is perfect when you walk through the door.
  • You can (with most models) change your thermostat’s schedule right from your smartphone.

You’ll even be able to look at your smart phone to determine what your current thermostat temperature is. You’ll have full control on the go.

2.     A Smartphone Controlled Thermostat Will Save You Money

what is the one thing that everyone can use just a little more of? Money. You may have to spend some money up front for a smartphone thermostat, but you’ll also save money in the long run.

Take for example the Nest.

The Nest is really one of the most popular and best smartphone thermostat models on the market today. And, this model can save you, on an average, $131 to $145 per year. This means that you’ll recoup your investment within just two years, and you’ll be saving money every month on your energy bills.

3.     A Smartphone Thermostat is Affordable

Worried about the upfront cost of a smartphone controlled thermostat? Of course you are. After all, you’re probably thinking that your thermostat right now works just fine so why change it? But, the truth is that many of these models are very affordable.

  • The Nest 3rd Generation is just under $250. .
  • The White-Rodgers 1F86U-42WF Emerson Sensi is just under $120.

And, these are just two of the best smartphone thermostat models that we recommend for 2016. There are variety of different models to choose from, and they are all affordable. You won’t break the bank, and in most cases, you’ll have your investment pay for itself within a year to a year and a half depending on your energy usage.

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